This Ad Features the Lucky Charms Leprechaun Helping a Pole Vaulter

 - Aug 4, 2016
References: thelatest & adsoftheworld
The iconic Lucky Charms Leprechaun is here and he's helping out a female pole vaulter. The company just launched an Italian ad featuring the mascot as he advises and hilariously brings luck to a young athletic woman. The commercial is incredibly timely considering the world's biggest sporting event is about to begin -- the Olympics.

Lucky Charms normally isn't seen as an adult cereal. Most consumers would remember its ads to be directed towards children. While the General Mills' brand still focuses on children, it seems to be casting a wider net to capture an older target market. Millennial adults might remember Lucky Charms as a favorite childhood cereal and commercials like these play on popular events to entice and remind the older generation of their love for the sweet marshmallow-filled breakfast food.