- Aug 5, 2016
With the 2016 Rio Olympic Games about to begin, brands around the world have created Olympic-inspired products and/or services. For example, Facebook Messenger is introducing the 'AskRio2016' chatbot that will help users navigate through the country to attend events, translate languages, find places to eat and much more. The service will encourage new members to sign up for Messenger as well as attract new consumers.

Another example of Olympic-inspired products and services can been seen in a collaboration between tech company Samsung and broadcaster NBC. The two organizations will bring VR experiences of the Olympics to the American public. Samsung will be able to promote its technology while NBC benefits from paying customers who purchase the station's service.

Many companies who recognize the power of the most watched sports event in the world can seek out ways to leverage the Olympics into a source of revenue for their organizations.

From Rio-Navigating Chatbots to Olympian VR Experiences: