From Eco Flying Cable Cars to Turbine-Powered Trucks

 - Jul 2, 2016
3D-printed electric buses, self-driving trucks and overhauled business airplane cabins are just a few of the innovative new June 2016 transportation ideas that aim to improve the way people and goods are quickly and conveniently carried from one place to another.

As autonomous vehicle technology continually improves, it is being adopted for large-scale vehicles like the Lilium and Aero 24-7 buses, as well as trucks with the Otto Self-Driving Truck Kit.

In addition to many of the next-generation ideas that improve upon existing forms, there are also unique hybrids and completely new transportation ideas in the mix. Two of the most dramatic examples include Chicago's futuristic flying cable cars and the 'Lilium' electric plane.

While transportation is often first and foremost thought of as a way to travel between points, there is also a greater emphasis being put on comfort, especially for long-distance travel.