The Hammocraft Combines a Boat Raft With a Relaxing Lounger

 - May 7, 2016
References: hammocraft & hiconsumption
Taking the term relaxation to a whole new level is the Hammocraft that combines floating on a boat raft across the open waters with an integrated lounging hammock. The boat lets users sit inside hammocks instead of seats to provide the utmost relaxing summertime experience.

The Hammocraft is a hybrid water accessory that features two surf board-style panels that are designed to hold up to five single hammocks above water. The hammocks are suspended upon rods that keep the hammocks weightless above the water. Users can also bring aboard paddles to stir the raft from their hammock.

While the raft isn't designed to move at high speeds across the water, it does provide a floating place to relax that is simultaneously mobile. r