This Ad Features Jennifer Aniston in a Luxury Emirates Airline Plane

 - Oct 7, 2015
References: pagesix & adweek
This humorous ad for Emirates Airlines features A-list celebrity Jennifer Aniston who wakes up from a nightmare where she has to endure travelling on an average plane. The ad promotes the luxurious suites, bars and showering faculties that are offered on Emirates Airlines planes.

The ad begins with the celebrity walking through an airplane to find the shower. She becomes distraught and asks flight attendants for help. When they assure her she won't be showering or going to a bar on their plane, Jennifer wakes up in a gilded room with her own bed. She proceeds to shower and as she sits at the bar, she tells the bartender about her nightmare.

While the ad might seem a bit lavish, its ultimately suggests that each passenger will feel like a celebrity when aboard an Emirates Airlines flight.