This KLM Ad Boasts of the Airline's Ability to Serve Fresh Beer on Board

 - Sep 10, 2016
References: youtube & adweek
In an humorous commercial that outlines the partnership between KLM and Heineken, the two companies consider the luxury of being able to get a pint of fresh beer while one flies -- following up a previous ad that revealed KLM would serve draught beer on flights to Rio during the Olympics.

To begin, the ad shows two business men who have an air of tension between them, made clear by the constant bickering as each attempts to prove who has had the best flying experiences. One claims that he was once on an ultra soft cashmere seat, which is counted by the other who claims that on his last flight, he didn't have a seat at all, due to the fact that he was sitting in a Jacuzzi the whole time.

They continue going back and forth, with their stories growing more and more ridiculous. Suddenly, a flight attendant appears with a trolley of fresh beer from Heineken -- which is slowly poured into a branded pint glass.