From Sleep-Inducing Hotels to Underground Art Tours

 - Aug 28, 2016
As the August 2016 travel ideas demonstrate, consumers are no longer content with traditional vacations. Indeed, in the age of social media, there is a growing demand for unique and unconventional vacations.

One of the biggest shifts in the travel industry has been the rise of niche hotels. Instead of simply giving guests a place to rest their head, these accommodations provide full-fledged travel experiences. Some examples of niche lodgings include sleep-inducing hotels, communal campground retreats and social good hotels.

The August 2016 travel trends also demonstrate that consumers are looking for interesting travel experiences outside of their hotels as well. One example is Transport for London's guided art tours, which take place entirely underground. Another example is the BC Ale Trail, which gives craft beer lovers a chance to sample different brews from across British Columbia.