This Transparent Suitcase Displays the User's Belongings Front and Center

 - Jul 25, 2016
References: crumpler & uncrate
This transparent suitcase takes on the design of anything that's inside of it.

Created by 'Crumpler Australia,' the clear suitcase could potentially prevent the TSA from rifling through the user's luggage -- but has a built-in TSA lock just in case. The travel bag is clear except for its black supports and can roll or be held as a bag via its straps. While not ideal for people who like to keep their belongings personal, the bag could hold messy packers accountable and ensure that they pack their things in a neat order to avoid stares from other people.

These transparent suitcases are perfect for travel as they ensure security and accountability for those who often choose to take the "grab and throw" route when packing.