The Conceptual 'Slumber Hotel' Collects Dream Data Through Sleep Pods

 - Jul 15, 2016
References: cargocollective &
The 'Slumber Hotel' is a conceptual design put together by Zahra Safaverdi that is focused on sleeping and collecting dream data. The futuristic lodging aims to offer sleep pods that can be used to collect, manipulate and infuse dreams so guests can have an otherworldly experience while they are resting.

The hotel is designed to be private and secluded with a location that is only accessible via a courtyard. This offers the utmost privacy to guests, who are experimenting with dream states. The architecture of the space reflects the fluidity of dreams with a large amount of circles and curves located throughout the design. The focus of the hotel will be to offer a safe space to induce dreams so guests to become more comfortable with image manipulation while they slumber.