From Non-Alcoholic Green Tea Beers to Fruity Mocktail Cartons

 - Dec 12, 2016
These alcohol-free spirits range from fruity mocktail cartons to green tea beers that act as alternatives to traditional pub or cocktail bar menu items. In addition to non-alcoholic ginger beers and antioxidant matcha wines which are crafted from fresh and raw ingredients, other favorites include gourmet grape juices that feature no added preservatives and sugars while resembling the taste of a tart glass of white wine.

Additionally, alcohol-free spirits like Seedlip's signature bottled concoction -- a cirtusy alternative to heavy-duty spirits like gins, vodkas and rums -- are designed with the same aesthetic quality as luxurious craft beverages.

Other favorites to take note off when seeking an alternative to most alcoholic beverages include halal wine brands that specifically cater to the religious dietary restrictions of Muslim consumers.