My Mocktail's Non-Alcoholic Beverages Come in Ready-to-Drink Packs

 - Dec 8, 2015
References: my-cocktail
In addition to producing a large assortment of alcoholic beverages, My Cocktail also has a non-alcoholic beverage range called 'My Mocktail.' This product line includes a Mojito and PiƱa Colada flavors that can be poured our of their Tetra Pak cartons, mixed with ice and enjoyed alcohol-free. While emphasizing flavor, it's also pointed out that these drinks are ideal for those who want to sidestep a nasty hangover.

In addition to being extremely easy to prepare as a non-alcoholic version, the branding on these mocktail cartons suggests that they can also be combined with a splash of alcohol as an alternative way to enjoy a quick and easy mixed drink.

As alcohol sales are plummeting around the globe, drink mixes like these are being favored because they give consumers the option to enjoy them with or without alcohol.