Gisborne Gourmet's 'First Press' Line Has Zero Alcohol Content

Merlot and chardonnay are first and foremost associated with wine, but many people fail to realize that these names identify grape types as well—but that's part of what make the branding of the First Press grape juices so brilliant.

If the grape juices from Gisborne Gourmet were packaged in tall, slender containers, the public might confuse them for real wine. But the stout glass bottles that are used to contain First Press products hint at the non-alcoholic content inside.

One of the most interest things about First Press is that the wine grapes that make the juices were grown with the intention of making wine. These grapes even go through the same process of being picked, crushed and pressed, but rather than being treated in the same way that goes on to make wine, a slight diversion is made to result in a product with 0% ABV.