From Superhero Shadow Art to Pop Art Skareboards

 - Feb 27, 2016
The most popular February 2016 art and design ideas put an emphasis on new ways of creating and enjoying art.

While museums are often pictured with walls lined with paintings and floors filled with sculptures, the Museum of Feelings by Glade was launched as an entirely new experience based on scent. Similarly, 'Instant' is an organization that carries out auctions for charities that involve the sales of Instagram photos.

Involving consumers in the process of creating art and designs for product packaging is also becoming a popular brand strategy that provides customization and a keepsake piece. Over the holidays, Oreo and Kellogg's both launched programs to help customers personalize the gifts they would be sending out for the Christmas season.

The top February 2016 art and design trends speaks to a movement where people are engaging with art in ways that are experiential.