These Holiday Biscuits are Inspired by a Seasonal Beverage

'Nabisco' recently announced the release of a new holiday biscuit that draws inspiration from a beloved seasonal beverage. With winter on the way, many people are trading their iced coffee for a cup of hot cocoa. These limited-edition cookies turn the seasonal beverage into a gooey chocolate treat.

The new 'Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy!' is the latest holiday treat from Nabisco. The cookies are made from a rich chocolate base, which is filled with a gooey cocoa center. The cookies are also infused with chocolate chips and soft miniature marshmallows. To fully capture of essence of hot cocoa, the cookies have been designed to be eaten warm. The process of microwaving the cookies for just a few seconds mimics the experience of eating a freshly baked cookie.

The delicious holiday biscuits will be available nationwide as of November 2nd.