From Bacon-Wrapped Cookies to Red Velvet Cookie Cakes

 - Jul 7, 2015
The Oreo cookie brand has continued to make creative cream cookie creations and exciting products that keep consumers craving more delicious treats. With original and creative flavors that always seem to change, it is impossible to get bored. Oreo offers seasonal delights around Christmas but that's nothing compared to the poultry-flavored cookies or the fruit juice cookie flavors that have hit the shelves.

While the brand is committed to creating unique flavors, consumer have also taken it upon themselves to create their own cookie variations. These outrageous ideas range from bacon-wrapped cookies to decadent cookie-stuffed donuts.

These sickeningly sweet cream cookie creations are an unhealthy way to enjoy a creamy Oreo cookie that is well worth the calories. Whether you are celebrating with cake-flavored Oreo cookies or just enjoying some Saturday night cookie nachos, these Oreo treats are extremely satisfying.