These S'moreos Cleverly Replace Graham Crackers with Oreos

Campers getting ready to toast up some delicious sweets by the fire this summer should test out these S'moreos campfire treats. These yummy S'mores treats cleverly replace the traditional graham cracker cookie with a chocolate Oreo cookie.

S'mores are such a great cottage and camping treat because they're so easy to customize. These Oreo s'mores add another dynamic layer of chocolate to the already sweet dessert. Begin by roasting a marshmallow golden brown over a fire and topping it off with a piece of decadent milk chocolate. While some foodies would suggest sandwiching the gooey marshmallow and milk chocolate between one Oreo cookie, this recipe pushes you to go for more sugary goodness. The marshmallow and melted chocolate are layered between two whole Oreo cookies.