From Rice Wine Chocolate Wafers to Hot Dog-Flavored Chips

 - Feb 9, 2016
From rice wine chocolate wafers that draw inspiration from a traditional Japanese beverage to hot dog-flavored chips that taste like a familiar dish, these unconventional snack flavors demonstrate a growing demand for food products that are both exotic and familiar.

As global cuisine becomes more accessible, there is a growing demand for exotic flavors from all over the world. For instance, Asian-inspired flavors such as wasabi, sake and even shrimp have become popular choices for snack foods. Indian and South American flavors are also popular when it comes to spicy snackfoods such as curry-flavored granola bars and jalapeño-flavored chips.

Beyond global ingredients, brands are also drawing on more familiar flavors that are inspired by entire meals. This particularly true for chips, which are now available in flavors such as sushi, hot dogs and even butter chicken. Other snackfoods inspired by entire meals include hummus that tastes like pizza and cookies inspired by fried chicken.