This Spicy Jerky is Infused with Savory Coffee Flavor

 - Dec 30, 2015
References: uncle-andys-jerky & trndmonitor
'Uncle Andy's' is now selling a spicy jerky snack that is infused with the taste of fresh coffee. In recent years, beef jerky has transitioned from a questionable snack into a gourmet treat. With this tasty new flavor, even the most refined foodies will be reaching for the salty meat snack.

Uncle Andy's produces gourmet beef jerk from natural ingredients and seasonal flavors. One of the company's most unusual offering is the 'Bandito Loco's Spicy Coffee Beef Jerky.' The flavorful snack is made from high-quality beef that has been seasoned with real coffee. A touch of chili pepper is then added to give the savory snack a touch of heat. The result is a spicy jerky that contains no preservatives or nitrates.

The Bandito Loco's Spicy Coffee Beef Jerky demonstrates that gourmet jerky is quickly becoming a popular snack option among meat-eating foodies.