From Farm-Fresh Meat Boxes to Test Tube Meatballs

 - Dec 19, 2016
Though areas like transportation have long been the focus of sustainability efforts, people are coming to realize that the food industry has a big part to play in environmental efforts, and sustainable beef is one major development. Not only is beef one of the most popular proteins in many countries around the world, but the mass farming of cattle (as well as the animals themselves) contribute to many harmful emissions. Fortunately, there are beef producers devoted to offering sustainable options.

The farm-to-table movement has impacted many different areas of the food industry, and meat is one that stands to benefit. For example, Riverford Organic Farmers' weekly 'Meatbox' guarantees that its beef is farmed through ethical and sustainable practices.

Aside from raw meat, many companies are working to offer alternatives to beef altogether. The Vegetarian Butcher's 'Vegan Beef Strips' are virtually indistinguishable from beef despite being made entirely from vegetables, and Memphis Meats has developed a prototype product of lab-grown beef.