Memphis Meats' Lab-Grown Meat Could Revolutionize the Food Industry

 - Feb 4, 2016
References: memphismeats & dailymail
This lab-grown meatball was created by Memphis Meats, a San Francisco-based startup that wants to grow beef and pork in a laboratory setting.

The meatballs are grown by isolating pig and cow cells that have regenerating capabilities, before providing them with essential nutrients and oxygen. The cells develop inside special bioreactor tanks into muscle, which can be harvested in a couple of weeks time and used to make meatballs.

Lab-grown meat has been researched in the past, but Memphis Meats has taken a big step towards bringing this sort of meat to market by demonstrating its capabilities with the lab-grown meatball. This technology could help take some train off the animal agriculture industry and reduce both the financial and environmental costs of raising farm animals for the meat industry.