From Gourmet Convenience Retailers to Tailored Seafood Bowls

 - Feb 28, 2016
As the February 2016 food trends reveal, consumers continue to place an emphasis on food that is highly nutritious and customized to meet their exact preferences. As the rise of healthy fast casual eateries has demonstrated, consumers are not willing to sacrifice convenience in order to meet these needs.

The growing interest in healthy eating has caused many consumers to turn to niche grocers and specialized restaurants. These establishments offers a wider food selection that caters to specific dietary needs or preferences. Examples of niche retailers include the DekaMarkt's 'World of Food' grocery store and Madrid's 'Fresh & Easy' concept store, both of which offer a fresher, more nutritious food selection.

Beyond a greater selection, consumers are also looking for opportunities to customize the food they are eating. For example, California's Sweetfin Poké allows consumers to build-their own seafood bowl. As the February 2016 food trends reveal, this level of customization allows consumers to enjoy a more personal dining experience that is tailored to their exact preferences.