These Dessert Pairings are Matched to Famed Pantone Colors

 - Jan 17, 2016
References: instagram & foodiggity
Instagram account Pantone IRL creatively puts together a series of dessert pairings that are matched with different Pantone color swatches. The foods are creatively matched according to their hue to the different tiles of color famed by the iconic brand. Each image features the same set up with the Pantone swatch underneath and the matching food over top showcasing the blending in both colors.

Pantone draws from a wide pool of sources for its color inspiration and these foods that match the shades so well showcase this. The images feature foods such as chocolates, candied gummies, gum drops matching nearly perfectly the color swatches. For example, the Pantone red color 1797 blends in seamlessly to the licorices lace placed overtop so much so that the viewer has to take a second look to see the candy.