These Flavorful Artisan Daiya Cheese Products Provide Dairy-Free Indulgence

 - Jan 9, 2016
References: ca.daiyafoods
In place of dairy ingredients, these Daiya cheese alternative products make use of plant-based substitutes like tapioca statch, coconut oil, pea and potato protein and more.

With blocks that imitate the style of Smoked Gouda, Monterey Jack, Havarti and Cheddar, these versatile vegan cheese products can be sliced up for sandwiches, shredded over pasta and melted for dips. In addition to providing a ton of recipes that these products can be used in, Daiya also produces cream cheese-style spreads, dairy-free pizzas and boxes of macaroni and cheese to highlight the true versatility of its alternative cheese products.

As many consumers are now taking care to remove soy and dairy from their diets, products like these provide the comfort of familiar foods, without the repercussions of eating traditional cheese.