Hush Chocolate Boasts Relaxing Patterns in Pastel Hues

 - Jan 20, 2016
This delicate example of chocolate bar branding speaks to a measured approach to marketing confectionery products that aims to reposition the item as more benevolent. In playing up relaxing meditative imagery, the branding for Hush Chocolate feels more like an artisan food product than an indulgent treat with questionable repercussions health-wise.

Buoyed by the mantra 'escape the noise' that celebrates well-being and happiness, the first four bars available from Hush Chocolate take inspiration from around the globe; Milk Orange & Cardamom, Dark Raspberry, Milk Rose and Dark Hazelnut & Sea Salt. Each bar is designed to tell its own narrative.

The Hush brand started out as a women's fashion range in 2003, but quickly evolved to encompass homeware and accessories.