DekaMarkt's 'World of Food' is a Sophisticated Grocery Store Market

Inspired by countless markets around the world, DekaMarkt's 'World of Food' grocery store market was designed with an emphasis on "organized chaos" created by segmenting different pavilions for categories.

Each section can clearly identified within the space, since the areas for picking up coffee, tea, bread, smoothies and more are all marked by a large circular counters. After stocking up on essentials from the store, consumers have the chance to take their items home or eat what they purchased in an in-store cafe.

With an open-concept plan, the grocery store feels roomy and inviting enough to entice shoppers to stay and explore. The immersive retail environment successfully fuses the style of an old-world market with a modern grocery store for enhanced customer convenience. This 50,000 square foot store expands upon a smaller concept that DekaMarkt first experimented with a few years earlier.