DETOX3 is a Detoxifying Juice Brand Based in Barcelona

 - Jan 8, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
This juice detox program from Barcelona boasts an elegant packaging scheme that even slightly brightens up the thought of taking part. Designed by Marina Porte, the packaging for DETOX3 is comprised of tall glass bottles fastened with metal caps. The vision for the branding was an image that denoted simplicity and purity, as well as one that remained lighthearted in its aesthetic and approach.

The pristine bottles of each DETOX3 juice are clearly marked with a number denoting where in the four-juice detox it happens to fall. The first juice is called Detox Tonic and includes apple, orange and lemon, while the second, Red Fruits, features strawberry and orange. The third juice, Green Tonic, is made with banana, spirulina and lime, while the last, Blue Wild Figs, is made from digs, lime and spirulina.