The 'French Fry Shakers' from Church's Chicken Allow for Customization

 - Jan 19, 2016
References: facebook & brandeating
The new 'French Fry Shakers' from Churches Chicken add an element of customization to the fast food experience. Instead of choosing from the limited selection of salt or pepper, consumers can now season their fries to perfection.

The French Fry Shakers are packets of dry seasoning that can be added to the chain's crinkle-cut fries. To use the packets, consumers simply add the desired amount of seasoning to their dish and then shake the fries while they are still in the bag. The seasoning comes in two flavors, which allows consumers to chose between Zesty Ranch or spicy Texas Pete. The packets are available free of charge, giving consumers an easy way to customize their meal.

A similar concept has also been tested at McDonald's, which indicates that seasoning flavors may soon become a regular addition to fast food menus.