General Electric's Hot Sauce is Contained Using Jet Engine Tech

 - Jan 24, 2016
References: ge & fastcocreate
General Electric might be an odd brand to see releasing a hot sauce, but the company has allegedly put together a spicy condiment blend using the world's hottest pepper and packaged the liquid inside a packet made using jet engine technology. The sauce is so incredibly hot that the packaging is specifically designed out of metal and alloys to contain it.

The exclusive hot sauce blend is made with Moruga peppers -- which are noted as some of the spiciest peppers on the market. To contain the extremely piquant condiment, General Electric put together metal packaging using technology reserved for creating jet engines. The material is made from silicone, superalloy nickel and super ceramics. Together the materials are able to sustain temperatures of up to 2,400-degrees and contain the hot sauce inside a memorable packaging design.