This Heinz Product Offers Sauce Packets to Aid with Cooking with Insects

 - Jan 26, 2016
References: & trndmonitor
It's by no means uncommon to find a sauce packet packaged alongside the item it's intended to marinate. However, Nelson Yanowitz recently developed an unusual design for 'Insectes en Sauces' (or 'Insects in Sauces') for Heinz.

These sauce packets take the shape of an egg that breaks apart into slices that contain protein-rich portions of pre-seasoned insects for cooking. Varieties include spicy and barbecue flavors of different insect types like crickets and bamboo worms.

Considering that some are of the opinion that eating bugs is the future of sustainable food, it may not be too far of a distant future that features this Heinz product on store shelves. Plus, by pre-seasoning the insects as one would meat, these sauce packets present a quick and easy way to add protein to a meal.