The Pique Tea Packets Opt for Solid Product for Immediate Enjoyment

 - Jan 8, 2016
References: piquetea & fandbnews
Pique Tea is an innovative brewing brand that offers its product in the form of tea crystals rather than pressed tea leaves. The solid form of the beverage allows consumers to enjoy their hot drinks instantly as the crystals eliminate the need for brewing time.

Tea is a popular hot beverage around the world, with a timely ritual that requires consumers to wait for the leaves to properly steep to the correct consistency and flavor before enjoyment. Contrastingly, the Pique Tea sachets feature crystalized tea product that is already steepd and brewed. This means that once crystals are added to hot water, the tea can instantly be enjoyed without the wait time. The crystals don't even need to be stirred as they immediately dissolve into the perfect cup of brew.