From Industrial All-Day Cafes to Members-Only Coffee Shops

 - Mar 4, 2016
From immersive dining concept to innovative business models informed by social good and the sharing economy, cafe culture is evolving at an exponential rate globally as the so-called "third-wave of coffee" continues to push the product from being considered a commodity to a gourmet food item.

Located within the Kit and Ace flagship store in Toronto's posh Yorkville area, the Sorry Coffee Company runs a quaint coffee shop that is carving out its own take on cafe culture. The Sorry cafe has the unique quality being cash-free and has an ever-changing logo that is replaced every three months by a rotating assortment of local artists.

Boasting a unique business model and an even more unique name, the Fair Folks & a Goat is a cafe in Greenwich Village that offers a subscription service for its drip coffee. For a flat fee of $25, members of Fair Folks & a Goat are able to access unlimited coffee for the period of a month.