Estudio Yeyé's Almanegra Brand Identity Features Vintage Accents

 - Aug 13, 2015
Alchemy -- the Medieval practice of chemistry and philosophy -- inspires this coffee shop branding by Mexican design firm Estudio Yeyé. The studio's latest brand identity project marries monochromatic typography with vintage illustrations that are used to promote coffee brand Almanegra.

The company doesn't only feature consistent menu designs and coffee cups but also carries over its alchemy-inspired brand identity to takeaway coffee bags and other promotional materials. Furthermore, the graphic style is also present on the cafe's website.

This coffee shop branding fuses contemporary and vintage details seamlessly and will appeal to coffee drinkers who appreciate authenticity. This brand identity is not only evocative of quality but also captures the attention of graphic design enthusiasts and new patrons who are looking to try a new coffee shop in their area.