The 'Toyota Barista' Stunt Demonstrates How Much Energy Brakes Generate

 - Oct 23, 2015
References: youtube & adeevee
In order to show just how much energy is generated when a car brakes, a stunt called the 'Toyota Barista' was set up.

This event took the form of a one-day pop-up cafe, where people were invited for breakfast. Rather than arriving to the sight of tables and plates full of food, the setup involved a complex system of machines for making coffee, frying eggs and browning toast. A hybrid vehicle was then brought out, which was revealed as the source of power that would create more than 170 cups of coffee, 80 slices of toast and nearly 60 fried eggs.

While the combination of cars and coffee might seem to be a strange one for marketing, it's a dynamic way to visualize the power behind one of Toyota's cars.