From Burger Giveaway Stunts to Adventurous Cruise Ads

 - Nov 28, 2015
These November 2015 commercials range from burger giveaway stunts to adventurous cruise ads that inform viewers that they are not a tourist but rather the curators of their dream vacation. In addition to adventurous vacation marketing campaigns, the month's other notable examples include self-censoring cancer PSAs that reject taboos related to breast cancer in an effort to empower sufferers of the disease.

Other favorites include car commercials that include fantastical imagery, shrinking automobile stunts and even time travelling themes. These November 2015 commercials ultimately promote an air of escapism and aim to capture the attention of elusive audiences who are drawn to experiential and thought-provoking marketing tactics.

The ads mix emotional themes that pull at the heart strings of viewers with publicity stunts that are more fueled by the element of surprise and a social media share factor.