This Video Aims to Reduce Instances of Obesity-Related Disease in the US

 - Oct 22, 2015
The 'Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)' recently debuted an ad that aims to reduce instances of obesity-related disease in the US. In 1971 Coca-Cola released its 'Hilltop' ad, which became an instant hit. This new campaign takes on the iconic ad by giving it a health-related twist.

As part of its new health campaign, CSPI reinvented Coca-Cola's iconic Hilltop ad. But instead of teaching consumers how to sing a cheery jingle, the ad warns them about the effects of consuming sugary soft drinks. The ad stars real people who are suffering from the harmful effects of sugary beverage consumption. The idea behind the ad is to show consumers that catchy commercials and clever advertising are distracting us from the reality of illnesses such as diabetes.

By using an ad that consumers are already familiar with, CSPI makes a clear connection between soda companies and instances of obesity-related disease. By using this unconventional tactic, CSPI hopes that consumers will be more critical about the kinds of advertisements they see.