From Interactive Social Photos to Short Stop-Motion Apps

 - Nov 29, 2015
The top November 2015 social media trends highlight the integration of various industry-spanning patterns of opportunity, like biometric authentication systems and emoji-activated services.

Aloft Hotels has become the first hotel chain to enable emoji-based communication between guest and concierge. The innovative initiative follows Domino's pizza emoji-ordering system and points to the evolving nature of traditional accommodations.

Additionally, Boomerang is a new Instagram-owned video app that allows for the creation of short stop-motion clips. The intriguing new third party app is Instagram's third.

Finally, Biogram is a photo-sharing app that measures a user's heartbeat and includes it in the shareable image. The app aims to track heartbeat and alert users to potentially stressful situations that cause one's heart rate to increase.

The top November 2015 social media trends point to the multi-directional nature of social media innovation.