'Biogram' Crowdsources Heart Rate Data Through Sociable Photo-Sharing

 - Oct 21, 2015
References: dailydot & psfk
There are a plethora of photo-sharing apps out in the world wide web, however, this biometric data-gathering platform is certainly one that is unique. 'Biogram' gets its name and design from the popular Instagram platform, similar in its photo-sharing set-up. However, this app is not just a social media site, but health-centered and research-based -- providing the USC for Body Commuting with a large amount of crowdsourced data about heart rates for various research projects.

When a user signs up, they are asked to fill in their age, weight, height and daily activity, while an associated phone case acts as a portable heart rate monitor. From there, whenever they post a photo of a hike, social activity or sports event, the app automatically shares the person's heart rate as well. By doing so, the app can collect data about irregular heart patterns based on different social situations, activities and stress.