'Pic Scanner' Lets Users Bring Old Pictures To Modernity & Post them Online

 - Oct 22, 2015
References: itunes.apple & appadvice
This photo scanning app provides a use for all those old photos hanging around in boxes or photo albums, collecting dust. While there are many photo-sharing platforms online that make uploading images easy, there are none to simply and quickly bring non-digital photos onto the Internet, let alone onto a computer or mobile phone.

Replacing bulky old scanning machines, 'Pic Scanner' is a photo scanning app that users can take wherever they bring their smartphone. Simply scan a photo, or four simultaneously, and they will upload to the cell phone in seconds. Ready for users to edit, each photo can be adjusted, cropped and given a filter. Add a caption and these old-school photos are ready for Facebook or Instagram.

Now, images of your very first birthday or your adorable grandparents' wedding can be shared with friends and family online.