From Stabilized 4K Cameras to Retro Instant Cameras

 - Nov 28, 2015
Underwater selfie sticks, sci-fi camera accessories and retro-styled instant cameras are just a few of the top November 2015 tech photography ideas. Some of the most interesting concepts that push what we know cameras are capable of include the Hypercam, which can view veins below the surface of the skin, and a new kind of flat lens that's been developed to reduce overall image distortion.

As far as the results of what can be captured using the latest in tech photography technology, it ranges from things as impressive as full moon time-lapses to LED hula hoops in motion and detailed macro images of a bee's eyes.

At the same time cameras are becoming smaller and more portable, designs like the Lomo'Instant Wide and the pinhole Nopo Cameras prove that many photographers still have a soft spot for low-tech forms, even if they are more cumbersome to carry around.