This Google Maps 3D Rendering Gives Users a Birds-Eye View of Hong Kong

This Google Maps 3D view of Hong Kong offers a chance to see the Asian city as it can only be seen by a bird or a plane -- from anywhere in the world.

New Google Maps 3D images have been added to Google Earth, the exciting service that gives open access to satellite images of any place on the planet. The 3D imaging added to Google Earth's coverage of Hong Kong gives an incredibly detailed view of the massive urban center, just as if the viewer was really flying above it.

The Google Maps 3D images are part of Google's push to make Google Earth a virtual reality go-to. With a simple VR headset like Google's own Cardboard goggles, viewers can use highly detailed satellite images to feel like they truly have grown a pair of wings. Using virtual reality and Google Maps 3D images, they can fly to any major site in the world and see it from above.