These Candid Photos of Romanian Scenes are Both Unusual and Mundane

Photographer Tamas Hajdu takes candid photos of people and animals in his native Romania. The pictures are stark and give the impression of overwhelming ordinariness -- but they often contain a pleasantly surprising or unusual element, like a cow hiding in bushes or a tiny toy car on the dashboard of a real car.

The pictures showcase a unique talent for finding the irony or the oddity in small situations that most people would overlook: pigeons gathering in a patch of concrete that has been protected from the snow by a now-gone parked car, for example, or a snow-white statue of a soft-serve ice cream cone standing above a mound of dirty black snow.

The images create the feeling that Hajdu is taking us on a walk through his city, pointing out things that delight and surprise, but that we never would have noticed on our own.