From Sci-Fi Dessert Menus to Spicy Halloween Get-Ups

 - Nov 29, 2015
The top November 2015 pop culture trends includes plenty of Internet-inspired Halloween costume tutorials as well as a variety of reimaginations of your favorite Disney characters.

Just in time for Halloween 2015, has created a viral video inspired pizza rat costume to end them all. In what is essentially a sexy-iteration of the infamous NYC subway dwelling pizza lover, the costume consists of a grey terrycloth dress with two slices of pizza on its front pockets.

Separately, American royalty and hero Beyonce was recently revealed to be the BEAT Magazine November cover star. The sultry shoot imagines Queen Bey wrapped in the American flag and frolicking through fields of wild flowers.

The top November 2015 pop culture trends include nods to some of the summer's most fleeting Internet sensations and speaks to the novelty products such stunts can attain.