Joshua Budich Created Illustrations of Food Found in The Simpsons

 - Oct 2, 2015
References: joshuabudich & demilked
These illustrations of food found in The Simpsons are brought to life by Joshua Budich, a Baltimore-based artist. Throughout the long tenure of the series, food and drinks make countless appearances but are used as accessory items in the show. Budich is able to draw upon recurring food items like Homer's love for doughnuts and the fictional 'Duff' beer. Other recreations feature food or drink from a specific episode, like Bart's confusion of milk and 'Malk' at the school's cafeteria.

Not only does Budich recreate these items, he does so by providing stunningly lifelike and realistic versions. Budich re-imagines these fictional food and drinks as if they were real products. Looking through Budich's portfolio, his work is filled with series of pop culture remixes and uses movie posters and fictitious characters as the inspiration for his work.