- Jan 31, 2016
While there is a general reluctance to view graffiti on the same level as street art, the 2015 graffiti trends reveal that it's gradually becoming accepted as both art and an edgy form of marketing.

Artists around the world are using graffiti and street art as a means of storytelling, especially for the purposes of uniting communities or addressing important issues like climate change or the current refugee crisis. The LATA 65 Lisbon Project is a particularly unique initiative that has senior citizens learn about the history of street art and techniques for creating it.

Over the past year, brands like Nike, Grolsch and Vauxhall Motors have embraced street art as a way to appeal to young target audiences. Similarly, a number of graffiti-inspired products have been released from popular brands, including the UBIQ X Vault by Vans and Ron English sneakers and A Bathing Ape's 10th Anniversary collection created in collaboration with legendary artist STASH.

In addition to exploring high-level patterns in graffiti and street art like Street Art Sentimentality and Guerilla Fast Food Art, the 2016 Trend Report reveals insights on art, design and creativity beyond the streets.

From Eccentric Surfboard Art to Boozy Bottle Murals: