This Street Art in Arezzo, Italy Tells the Viewer to Step Outside Themselves

This beautiful mural in Arezzo, Italy asks the viewer to step outside themselves and see the world from a new perspective.

The thought-provoking public art is the work of Seth Globepainter, an established Parisian street artist. The subject of the mural is the back of a boy's head, covering the entire facade of a villa in the small town of Arezzo, Italy. The artist incorporated the villa's one window into the piece by leaving the window open and hanging a streamer of colorful tied-together rags from it, Globepainter conjured the instantly recognizable image of a child escaping from home. Because the window is in the middle of the boy's head, the scene comes to represent an escape not from home, but from one's own mind.

The significance of the piece is heightened by its location -- Arezzo, Italy is a very traditional town, having maintained its original medieval architecture and aesthetic to this day.