From Intricate Mandala Tattoos to Body Issue Illustrations

 - Oct 25, 2015
Deconstruction is a major theme in many of the October 2015 art and design ideas. Pieces of art, architecture and fashion are seen picked apart and reduced to completely new forms. For instance, this can be seen in Japan's House in Hatogaya, which is described as both "minimalist" and "skeletal."

In making statements about certainty, comfort and integrity, these artful design items call the public to question what they know. This is apparent in minimalist logo reinterpretations and cartoon characters that swap faces with another character in a comparable series.

These unusual ideas make it possible for artists and designers to deviate from the familiar, in a way that's not yet too far removed from the norm. While there is a desire to reduce absolutely everything to its simplest essence, these creations prove that quite a bit of fun can be had in the process.