This Photographic Art Depicts Haunting, Impossible Scenes

 - Oct 1, 2015
References: eckarthahn & juxtapoz
This series of surreal photographic art by Eckart Hahn challenges the viewer's perception of reality.

Hahn's style of painting makes his art look almost like photography; the shading and precise perspective communicates a sense of physical reality to the artist's audience. But the photographic art, once it's reeled the viewer in with this false realism, shatters their concept of what can and should happen in a photographic scene. Horses have two tails and no head. Pets are half-cat, half-dog, split directly through the center line of the animal. A dog gets a great head scratch and a tummy rub from multiple disembodied hands.

It's a world that could almost be real, but that no one wants to live in. By virtue of trying to pass itself off as normal, it's threatening without being explicitly scary.