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Applicable to an array of different market areas like art and design, modern and contemporary implications are seeing a surge in everything from interior decor to home accessories and public architecture. This category of modern innovations will offer a more comprehensive view of developments happening in and around contemporary aesthetics.
Intentionally Minimalist Chair Designs
Intentionally Minimalist Chair Designs
The 'Stubby' Chair is Focused on a Timeless Aesthetic
The vast majority of furniture designs call to mind a specific time and even place when it comes to aesthetics or style which can make an otherwise functional piece appear dated, so the ‘Stubby&... MORE
Foldable Self-Isolating Workstations
Foldable Self-Isolating Workstations
The 'Pandemic Work Desk Concept' Imagines the New Normal
The ‘Pandemic Work Desk Concept’ has been designed by Prasad Ghodke as a solution for workplaces looking to open back up again in the midst of the ongoing pandemic or in the post-COVID-... MORE
Broken Brutalist Illuminators
Broken Brutalist Illuminators
The 'Foundation Light' is Made with a Block of Cracked Plaster
The ‘Foundation Light’ has been designed by Andrew Ferrier as a Brutalist illuminator that is achieved with a fractured aesthetic in order to make it a truly one-of-a-kind decor item for... MORE
Haute Hollow Brick Buildings
Haute Hollow Brick Buildings
This New Building in Tehran, Iran Shines Light into All Areas
This custom brick building has been designed by Hooba Design as a new structure in Tehran, Iran that is capable of harnessing natural light in an unorthodox way. The structure is achieved with... MORE
Artistic Skincare Videos
Artistic Skincare Videos
Laneige Teamed Up with Sagmeister & Walsh, to Express Luminous Beauty
Laneige teamed up with renowned artist duo Sagmeister & Walsh to visually communicate Luminous Beauty with a series of eight artful videos. As a premium brand that’s become recognized as... MORE
Sleep Guidance Illuminators
Sleep Guidance Illuminators
This Adjustable Lamp Design Helps Users Wind Down in the Evening
Having the right kind of illumination in the home after the sun has set can be very helpful with encouraging quality rest when it comes time to sleep, so this conceptual adjustable lamp design has... MORE
Three-in-One Writing Utensils
Three-in-One Writing Utensils
The Metaphys Locus 3Way Pen is Efficient and Design-Conscious
The Metaphys Locus 3Way Pen is a design-conscious writing utensil that will provide users with an efficient way to sketch, write and more. The writing utensil consists of a ballpoint pen, a... MORE
Touch-Sensitive Tile Lights
Touch-Sensitive Tile Lights
The POLYGON Light Tiles Have a Modular, Customizable Design
The POLYGON Light Tiles are a customizable illumination option for those who want to upgrade their home or workspace with a touch of modern, interactive lighting. The panels feature a polygonal... MORE
Silkworm Contemporary
Designers are taking note of silkworm techniques when developing concepts
Trend - Furniture and artworks are inspired by silkworm techniques, as creatives take note of the intricate process and its implications for design. To form the net that holds it, the silkworm swings itself from side to side in a figure 8 pattern, distributing the saliva that becomes solidified silk once it contacts air. Whether it be through the direct utilization of the material or simply through mimicking the delicate building technique of silkworms, the end design product embraces a unique and ethereal quality.
Workshop Question - What can inspire your product or service to be more authentic in its design?
Dotted Social Distancing Markers
Dotted Social Distancing Markers
Paula Scher Encourages Distancing with Painted Green Dots
Social distancing markers have become a crucial component of design as cities begin easing lockdown restrictions and opening up the economy after the first wave of the COVID-19 outbreak. Many are... MORE
Sleek Hybrid Beverage Brewers
Sleek Hybrid Beverage Brewers
The Manual Immersion Brewer from Joy Resolve is for Tea and Coffee
Starting one’s morning off on a positive note just got easier thanks to this Manual Immersion Brewer from Joy Resolve, which is perfect for both the coffee lover and the tea lover alike.... MORE
Tiny Mountainous Modular Cabin
Tiny Mountainous Modular Cabin
Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi Debute a Small Modular Cabin
This small modular cabin—done in collaboration between Italian architects Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi—is a perfect escape. Dubbed ‘Mountain Refuge,’ the micro-home is... MORE
Terrarium-Like Incense Burners
Terrarium-Like Incense Burners
These Backflow Incense Burners from Kin Objects are Stylish
These Terrarium collection Backflow Incense Burners from Kin Objects are a stylish range of decor solutions for the home that will provide a dedicated way to infuse aroma into a space, while also... MORE
Natural Law-Inspired Illuminators
Natural Law-Inspired Illuminators
The 'Wave' Desk Lamp Offers a Distinct Interface
The ‘Wave’ desk lamp has been designed by Pasque D. Mawalla as a natural law-inspired illuminator that will provide users with an unexpected interface to toggle it on or off. Featuring a... MORE
Carbon Fiber-Infused Faucets
Carbon Fiber-Infused Faucets
The Tonino Lamborghini 'Monza' Faucet is Modern and Durable
The Tonino Lamborghini ‘Monza’ faucet is the latest addition to the brand’s Lamborghini Home range that aims to deliver exceptional style and functionality for those looking to... MORE
Mineral-Like Crayons
Mineral-Like Crayons
These Rock-Inspired Crayons Blend in with Nature
Designed by Studio Unto, ‘Color Gem’ is a set of crayons that pay homage to nature in both appearance and feeling. As if picking up a rock from the ground, the crayons intend to stimulate... MORE
City-Themed Experiential Pop-Ups
City-Themed Experiential Pop-Ups
JAMNOLA Explores What Makes New Orleans So Special
JAMNOLA is New Orleans’ first experiential pop-up and it is full of interactive exhibits that invite guests to discover what makes the city special. The experience for all ages boasts giant... MORE
Recycled Mosaic Marble Flooring
Recycled Mosaic Marble Flooring
This Floor Has Contrasting Materials for Maximum Impact
This mosaic marble flooring is an example of recycled interior design that highlights the ultra-modern results that can be achieved using materials that might otherwise go to waste. The flooring... MORE
Lunar Surface-Inspired Mirrors
Lunar Surface-Inspired Mirrors
The 'Luna Mirror' by Granila Santisteban Comes in Several Sizes
The ‘Luna Mirror’ has been designed by Granila Santisteban as a decor item for the home that will infuse a touch of celestial wonder into otherwise minimal living spaces. The mirrors are... MORE
Dessert-Inspired Luggage Collections
Dessert-Inspired Luggage Collections
The New RIMOWA Range Boasts Desert Rose and Cactus Colorways
The new RIMOWA colorways are bound to satisfy the taste of the modern consumer who is concerned about style. The latest silhouettes are part of the brand’s Essential range but what is most... MORE
Opulent Egg-Shaped Speakers
Opulent Egg-Shaped Speakers
The Pantheone 'I' Speaker Delivers Impeccable Sound Quality
The Pantheone ‘I’ speaker is a high-end audio solution for the home that will provide users with a style-conscious way to enjoy their favorite music or content. The egg-shaped speaker... MORE
Iceberg-Inspired Floating Diving Platform
Iceberg-Inspired Floating Diving Platform
Bulot+Collins Boast a Design-Forward Play Surface
This floating diving platform—designed by architecture firm Bulot+Collins—is intended to fulfill two purposes. For one, enthusiastic swimmers can utilize it as a play surface and a place to jump... MORE
Comfortable Seating Collections
Comfortable Seating Collections
The Envisioned Comfort Collection is Design-Forward & High-End
Lithuanian contemporary designers Marija Puipaitė and Vytautas Gečas have released a comfortable seating collection that pushes the boundaries of modern aesthetic. The range is highly detailed and... MORE
Dedicated Cubic Workspace Pods
Dedicated Cubic Workspace Pods
The Livit 'Studypod' Offers the Perfect Place for Productivity
Home office pods have surged in popularity as more consumers seek to optimize their work from home experience, which is seeing solutions like the Livit ‘Studypod’ be introduced. The pod... MORE
Wearable Beanbag Chair Fashion
Wearable Beanbag Chair Fashion
Dahee Kim Challenges Traditional School Uniform Designs in Korea
One of the biggest objections to school uniform designs is that they halt the right for personal self-expression through one’s unique style preferences. This is exactly what Central Saint... MORE