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Applicable to an array of different market areas like art and design, modern and contemporary implications are seeing a surge in everything from interior decor to home accessories and public architecture. This category of modern innovations will offer a more comprehensive view of developments happening in and around contemporary aesthetics.
Design-Forward School Administration Offices
Design-Forward School Administration Offices
Branch Studio Architects Updated a Melbourne School
Branch Studio Architects drew inspiration from piazzas—“large public squares seen in Italian towns which are typically used for community gatherings” and applied these stylistic... MORE
Mountain Housing Estates
Mountain Housing Estates
Feld72 Utilizes Timber for a Series of Homes in Bludenz, Austria
A new mountain housing estate is erected in the town of Bludenz, located in the Austrian Alps. The objective of this project was to create a uniform dwelling that is well connected and pedestrian-... MORE
Modern Cave-Like Breweries
Modern Cave-Like Breweries
SuperLimão Studio Boasts an Eco-Forward Layout for a Brewery in Brazil
A brewery in Brazil opened its doors and the mandate is not only focused on the modern consumer experience but on sustainability, as well. Located in the city of Ribeirão Preto, Toca do Urso... MORE
Playground-Inspired Furniture Collections
Playground-Inspired Furniture Collections
Joe Parr Debuts Three Unconventionally Inspired Pieces
As part of his MFA thesis project at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Detroit designer Joe Parr debuts a collection of odd furniture. The pieces boldly take inspiration from the aesthetics of the... MORE
10 Artistic Cannabis Accessories
10 Artistic Cannabis Accessories
From Elegant Ceramic Pipes to Design-Forward Smokeware Decor
With legalization, there is suddenly a market and many designers seek to spotlight and showcase their creativity with a plethora of stunning lines of creative cannabis accessories. The products in... MORE
17 Private Workspace Examples
17 Private Workspace Examples
From Alternative Cubicle Workstations to Privacy-Focused Sofas
In the era of the open-concept office layout, private workspaces become scarce. However, that does not mean that employees don’t need an escape from time to time. Whether you prefer to work... MORE
Whimsical School Interiors
Whimsical School Interiors
Karv One Design's Lates Project is Based on a Children's Storybook
This pastel-adorned, whimsical school in Chengdu, China is the work of Hong Kong-based studio Karv One Design. The space is incredibly playful and stimulating, with a number of activities that... MORE
Adjustable Voice-Controlled Beds
Adjustable Voice-Controlled Beds
Reverie Delivers Optimal Comfort with Innovative Sleep Technology
Cutting-edge sleep technology has the ability to bring up the quality of life for the modern-day consumer who often suffers high levels of stress. Reverie — a tech company dedicated to bringing... MORE
Scandinavian Nursery
Parents opt for simple, stylish nursery furniture that transitions easily
Implications - As new parents look to create calming nurseries for baby, many are opting for modern Nordic-inspired pieces that emphasize simplicity and functionality, while also boasting an element of whimsy. This evolution highlights the continued fascination with Scandinavian living and the desire with nursery furniture in particular to invest in pieces that will easily transition through the first five years of a child's life.
Workshop Question — As the obsession with all things Scandinavia persists, what area of consumer lifestyle products has not yet been explored?
Deconstructed Bronze Basketballs
Deconstructed Bronze Basketballs
Daniel Arsham Celebrates the Beginning of the NBA Season
Daniel Arsham supplements his Fictional Archaeology series with a new, limited edition piece—the BRONZE BASKETBALL Sculpture. The design pays homage to the start of the 2019-2020 NBA regular... MORE
Contemporary Plant-Filled Homes
Contemporary Plant-Filled Homes
JG Architecture Fuses Cultural Histories with Modern Lifestyles
This plant-filled home in Taipei embraces sophistication, minimalism, and notions of contemporary design. The structure was built while Taiwan was under Japanese rule and as a result, the... MORE
Top 45 Modern Trends in October
Top 45 Modern Trends in October
From Lunar Outdoor Galleries to Artistically Revamped Tech
These October 2019 modern ideas range from lunar outdoor galleries to artistically revamped tech accessories. When looking at art and design innovations, this month’s examples include Toronto&#... MORE
Unconventional Alien-Like Objects
Unconventional Alien-Like Objects
Haas Brothers Experiment with a Curious, Experimental Technique
Art and design duo the Haas Brothers debuts curious collection for the Frieze Art Fair in London. The range consists of otherworldly objects that challenge the notions of form. The result is a... MORE
Absence-Illuminating Deconstructed Furniture
Absence-Illuminating Deconstructed Furniture
Micheline Nahra Develops 'A Dinner for One'
Micheline Nahra—a graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven, debuts a piece of deconstructed furniture that “tells the story of loss.” The project’s starting point is a four-... MORE
Beeswax-Coated Cotton Wraps
Beeswax-Coated Cotton Wraps
BeeConscious' Beeswax Wrap is Eco-Friendly and Performance-Driven
Beeswax wrap is beginning to be a popular solution in light of the problem of waste from plastic packaging. BeeConscious is a Thai company that has ventured into this category of the industry with... MORE
Space-Themed Furniture Collections
Space-Themed Furniture Collections
Bohinc Studio Pushes the Boundaries of Furniture Design
London-based designer Lara Bohinc of Bohinc Studio showcases her new furniture collection “in a 200-year-old house in London’s King’s Cross.” Much like previous ranges, this one also takes... MORE
play_circle_filled Simplistic Design-Forward Clocks
Simplistic Design-Forward Clocks
The LED Clock Timedrop Shows Time Dropping Down
The LED clock Timedrop represents the time with 180 LEDs divided into three rows. There is a row for hours, minutes and seconds. It’s a unique and novel way to represent time and likely to... MORE
Mental Health Pop-Up Museums
Mental Health Pop-Up Museums
The Museum of Lost & Found Potential Highlights Mental Health Themes
In honor of World Mental Health Day, a new pop-up museum in London, England launched to showcase the struggles many individuals with mental health face—it is titled the Museum of Lost &... MORE
Psychology-Inspired Designer Furniture Shops
Psychology-Inspired Designer Furniture Shops
Gestalt is a New Retail Space in Hudson, NYC
This designer furniture shop recently opened its doors to the public in Hudson, New York City. The destination is the joint business venture of Karolina Dabo and Adrian Pollack – two seasoned... MORE
Post-Consumer Dishware
Post-Consumer Dishware
Granby Workshop Utilizes Post-Consumer Materials for a Greener World
Industrial and post-consumer materials are highly wasteful and definitely go against the sustainability-focused mandate of the contemporary world. Many brands are attempting to counter this by... MORE
Soundproof Meditation Booths
Soundproof Meditation Booths
The Calm Booth by ROOM is a Mindfulness-Boosting Meditation Pod
In a world of constant distractions and stress, it’s more important than ever to soothe the nervous system to boost mental clarity, focus and concentration—which is why many modern offices... MORE
Bamboo Martian Colony Concepts
Bamboo Martian Colony Concepts
Warith Zaki and Amir Amzar Propose the 'Speed of Life'
Two Malaysian designers — Warith Zaki and Amir Amzar, have put forth a Martian colony concept that is different than the rest. As life on Mars is an interesting topic that is covered by many... MORE
Inserted Skyscraper Gardens
Inserted Skyscraper Gardens
Kohn Pedersen Fox & Architects 61 Develop a Mixed-used Tower
Nature and sustainability are a growing movement in 2019 and this can be observed in a multitude of ways — one great example is this skyscraper garden. Inserted in a 175-meter-tall tower in... MORE
Sculptural Rock-Like Mirrors
Sculptural Rock-Like Mirrors
Fernando Mastrangelo Draws Inspiration from Volcanic Formations
The Magma Mirrors by Fernando Mastrangelo boast a striking aesthetic and an interesting technique. The contemporary designer sourced sand from various locations and mixed the grains with epoxy resin.... MORE
Remote Upscale Cabin Designs
Remote Upscale Cabin Designs
Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects Design "Quietly Assertive" Homes
MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects —a practice based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, has envisioned three upscale cabin silhouettes that “employ the same design vocabulary and offer views... MORE