This Miniature Hunting Lodge is Integrated into the Natural Landscape

 - Sep 10, 2015
References: snohetta & hiconsumption
Snohetta recently designed a miniature hunting lodge that is fully integrated into the natural landscape. When hunting in the wilderness, proper camouflage is key for success and this tiny cabin is designed to remain fully hidden from wild creatures and other humans.

The compact cabin is nestled within the western mountains of Norway and runs parallel to the Akrafjorden Fjord. The hunting lodge features a steel beam construction that allows its ceiling to be covered in timber. The roof is then covered with green moss, allowing it to disappear into the natural landscape. The unique design means that the cabin remains hidden from any planes or helicopters that may be flying overhead.

Even for those who are not interested in hunting, the unique cabin provides a way to spend some time fully immersed in nature.