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Eco Architecture

No longer built solely for function, cityscapes and structural designs are going above and beyond traditional blueprints for artistic expression. From contemporary homes to sustainable architecture and abstract buildings, Trend Hunter’s architecture category is here to offer some insight into how structural designs are changing due to modern and contemporary inspirations.
Eco Hemp-Based Houses
Eco Hemp-Based Houses
The Solar-Powered 'Flat House' Offers Well-Appointed Living Spaces
The solar-powered ‘Flat House’ is the design work of London-based Practice Architecture and highlights the capabilities of eco-friendly architecture to set new standards in the industry.... MORE
Intricate 3D-Printed Sand Installations
Intricate 3D-Printed Sand Installations
Precht and Mamou-Mani Architects Collaborate on Sandwaves
‘Sandwaves’ is a fascinating sand installation that is done in collaboration between Chris Precht and Mamou-Mani Architects. The structures are located in Diryah, Saudi Arabia — more... MORE
Sustainable Architect Pledges
Sustainable Architect Pledges
Snøhetta Will Design Only Carbon-Neutral Buildings Moving Forward
Over the last few years, we have seen many businesses make sustainable pledges — from McCormick committing to using only recyclable packaging for its product by 2025 to Zara promising to only... MORE
Recyclable Mobile Pavilion Designs
Recyclable Mobile Pavilion Designs
BBC Studios Taps Universal Design Studio & Giles Miller Studio
This sizable mobile pavilion is visually striking and incredibly versatile when it comes to its form. The structure is designed by Universal Design Studio and Giles Miller Studio for BBC Studios who... MORE
Modern Cave-Like Breweries
Modern Cave-Like Breweries
SuperLimão Studio Boasts an Eco-Forward Layout for a Brewery in Brazil
A brewery in Brazil opened its doors and the mandate is not only focused on the modern consumer experience but on sustainability, as well. Located in the city of Ribeirão Preto, Toca do Urso... MORE
Slick Three-Apartment Urban Villas
Slick Three-Apartment Urban Villas
Nicola Probst Architetti's Design Boasts Smooth Corners
This chic and sizable urban villa is located on the hills of Lugano, Switzerland. Effortlessly adapting the structure to a slanted and difficult terrain, Nicola Probst Architetti ensures that the... MORE
Minimalist Weathering Steel Barns
Minimalist Weathering Steel Barns
Clayton & Little Boast Sustainability in This Structure's Design
A minimalist weathering steel barn is built on the James Berry Vineyard in Paso Robles, California. The project was executed by Clayton & Little — an architecture studio based in Texas. The... MORE
Eco-Friendly Composting Toilets
Eco-Friendly Composting Toilets
Nature's Head Launched a Self-Contained and Waterless Toilet
In the wake of the global climate crisis, many everyday infrastructures are being re-examined to be more eco-friendly, including our bathroom systems—queue Nature’s Head Composting Toilet.... MORE
Mindful Paving
Roads and pavement adapt to the changing environment and the eco-conscious consumer
Trend - Urban infrastructure is tailored to address the consequences of climate change and eco concerns motivate innovations in the process of paving. Whether it is highways that can charge your car or sidewalks that can handle heavy rainfall, paving is optimized to be eco-friendly, cost-effective and functional.
Workshop Question - How can your business introduce a sustainable add-on to consumer lives?
Waste-to-Energy Plant Parks
Waste-to-Energy Plant Parks
The 'CopenHill' will Help Copenhagen in its Bid to Go Carbon-Neutral
The ‘CopenHill’ is an ambitious new waste-to-energy plant situated in Copenhagen, Denmark that acts as a futuristic structure for providing eco-friendly power as well as an urban... MORE
Urban Greenhouse-Topped Buildings
Urban Greenhouse-Topped Buildings
Kuehn Malvezzi Boasts a Transclucent Emphasis to an Urban Block
As cities are focusing on sustainability, the urban greenhouse becomes a desirable design element. Architecture firms are focusing on providing city infrastructure with natural motifs that will... MORE
All-Timber Neighborhoods
All-Timber Neighborhoods
Henning Larsen Developed a Wooden Sustainable Community Design
Henning Larsen, in collaboration with engineers and biologists at MOE, developed a sustainable community design called Fælledby that is entirely constructed from timber. The low-rise housing scheme... MORE
Circular Biodegradable Waste Conversions
Circular Biodegradable Waste Conversions
The Team at Genecis Creates High Performance Bioplastics
Genecis is made up of a team of talented individuals that specialize in a special patented technology that converts food waste into high-performance biodegradable plastics and other valuable... MORE
play_circle_filled Indonesian Earthquake-Resistant Housing
Indonesian Earthquake-Resistant Housing
Ramboll Creates a Housing Prototypes That are Eco and Safe
For cities like Lombok, Indonesia, earthquake-resistant housing is extremely important as they are in a zone where natural disasters happen frequently. Ramboll – a civil engineering company,... MORE
Designer Rain Catcher Systems
Designer Rain Catcher Systems
Studio Sway Develops an Aid for People in Drought-Stricken Regions
Shaakira Jassat, who is the founder of Studio Sway, has developed a slick and efficient rain catcher that will enable people in urban cities to collect water for drinking. The panel is dubbed ‘... MORE
Sustainable Landscape Restoration Systems
Sustainable Landscape Restoration Systems
The Ecosystem Kickstarter is Invented to Assist Farmers
The Ecosystem Kickstarter — an ecologically minded system that was envisioned by Dutch designer Thom Bindels, is developed “to improve the resilience of communities and natural ecosystems by... MORE
play_circle_filled Largest Wildlife Bridges
Largest Wildlife Bridges
L.A. Has Finished Designing a Wildlife Bridge Over a 10-lane Highway
Roadkill is a huge problem for many cities, and to solve this crisis, Los Angeles decided to implement the world’s largest wildlife bridge that will extend over US Highway 101, a 10-lane... MORE
Toronto-Based Tree Planting Strategies
Toronto-Based Tree Planting Strategies
The City of Toronto Launched a Tree Planting Grant
In an effort to expand Toronto’s urban forest, the city launched a community-led tree planting strategy that hopes to plant on private land and reach its goal of a 40 percent tree canopy cover.... MORE
play_circle_filled Pollution-Filtering Algae Glass
Pollution-Filtering Algae Glass
Researchers Design a Microalgae Capable of Filtering Polluted Air
The University of North Carolina’s Integrated Design Research Lab (IDRL), located in Charlotte, has a team of scientists researching a new algae glass curtainwall that’s capable of filtering... MORE
Top 25 Architecture Innovations in September
Top 25 Architecture Innovations in September
From Plant Pot Facades to Communal Living Projects
The top September 2019 architecture ideas explore designs that range from the simple and practical to the fantastical and otherworldly. To help people appreciate its striking stained glass windows... MORE
Premium Eco-Friendly Wedding Services
Premium Eco-Friendly Wedding Services
The Walden Now Offers Sustainable Wedding Planning Services
The Walden is a new carbon-neutral comprehensive wedding planner service that features an exquisite 19,000-square foot venue located in Chicago. The new company is committed to making weddings less... MORE
Plant-Covered Self-Sufficient Structures
Plant-Covered Self-Sufficient Structures
WOHA Debuts an Immersive and Futuristic Pavilion
As the demand for producing sustainability-focused projects is quite strong, many architects and designers dabble in the art of the self-sufficient structure. The latest instance of this is put... MORE
play_circle_filled Upcycled Vending Machine Products
Upcycled Vending Machine Products
The Reinvend Vending Machine Features Curated Recycled Products
As more consumers make the shift to upcycled products and services, one new company is leading the way in recycled convenience by offering a vending machine that solely sells curated products... MORE
Vegetable Oil-Fueled Cars
Vegetable Oil-Fueled Cars
Two Inventors Outfitted an Antique Mercedes to Run on Vegetable Oil
Brian Lutton and Andrew Dowdell recently completed a 6,000-mile car trip this summer with a 1985 antique Mercedes they named “John” that ran on vegetable oil. The two seventeen-year-old... MORE
Shipping Container Micro Homes
Shipping Container Micro Homes
Fraser Brown MacKenna Architects Has Permission to Build in the UK
Shipping container micro homes are a way for architects to ensure that housing is affordable and fits the requirements of the utltra-fast-paced urban environment. Recently, Fraser Brown MacKenna... MORE