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Eco Architecture

No longer built solely for function, cityscapes and structural designs are going above and beyond traditional blueprints for artistic expression. From contemporary homes to sustainable architecture and abstract buildings, Trend Hunter’s architecture category is here to offer some insight into how structural designs are changing due to modern and contemporary inspirations.
Sustainably Constructed QSR Cafés
Sustainably Constructed QSR Cafés
Starbucks Canada Announces Plans for New Eco-Friendly Café
Starbucks Canada is continuing its environmental stewardship commitments with the announcement of its new, revolutionary sustainably constructed café. The eco-friendly initiative is a significant... MORE
Pollution-Absorbing Murals
Pollution-Absorbing Murals
Converse Unveiled Murals That Absorb as Much Pollution as 1,470 Trees
As part of its City-Forests campaign, Converse, the iconic shoe brand, launched new pollution-absorbing murals that attract and convert airborne pollutants into harmless nitrate. The Converse City... MORE
Contemporary Greenery-Covered Homes
Contemporary Greenery-Covered Homes
The Conceptual 'Black Villa' Boasts a Bountiful Green Roof
The conceptual ‘Black Villa’ has been designed by Reza Mohtashami as a home imagined in the hills of the Harriman State Park in New York to help bring a stylish yet eco-conscious... MORE
Forested Track-Topped Schools
Forested Track-Topped Schools
The Conceptual 'Forest School' Helps Purify the City Air
The conceptual ‘Forest School’ has been designed by Nudes as a structure for Pune, India that would work to provide students with ample amenities and the ability to clean the air of the... MORE
Mini Eco-Conscious Cabins
Mini Eco-Conscious Cabins
The Karg Cabins Offer Off-Grid Accommodations in a Stylish Way
The Karg Cabins are a range of structures created by the Estonia-based company to offer inhabitants an off-grid space for living, working and more. The collection of cabins includes a standard cabin... MORE
Lush Greenery Residential Towers
Lush Greenery Residential Towers
The Conceptual 'Rainbow Tree' Building Reduces Carbon Footprints
The conceptual ‘Rainbow Tree’ building has been designed by Paris-based Vincent Callebaut Architectures for Cebu, Philippines as a sustainable residential tower that highlights lush... MORE
Sustainable Pre-Fabricated Homes
Sustainable Pre-Fabricated Homes
Dvele's Modern Designs Can Be Customized to Suit Individual Needs
Founded in 2017, Dvele is a luxury design firm that specializes in pre-fabricated homes, which utilize green building practices, are efficiently produced, and provide a healthy living experience.... MORE
Solar-Powered Tiny Homes
Solar-Powered Tiny Homes
This Off-Grid Shipping Container Home Has a Self-Sustaining Design
This off-grid shipping container home identifies what can be done to help offer just the right amount of space for living, while also helping inhabitants to lead a self-sufficient lifestyle. The... MORE
Sleepy Beverage
Canned beverages are being tailored to help consumers with their sleep cycles
Trend - Brands are expanding the category of functional drinks to include a level of convenience. Beverages that are focused on helping consumers enjoy healthier sleep cycles are being offered in efficient, canned formats. This trend is only accelerated as industry giants are recognizing the interest in functional drinks on-the-go.
Workshop Question - How can your brand support consumers in their day-to-day?
Sustainable Construction Tiny Homes
Sustainable Construction Tiny Homes
The Tiny Housing Co 'Natura' Has Eco-Friendly Materials
Tiny houses are in and of themselves a more eco-friendly alternative to conventional homes given their overall efficient ethos, but The Tiny Housing Co ‘Natura’ aims to make things even... MORE
Sustainable Self-Sufficient Neighborhoods
Sustainable Self-Sufficient Neighborhoods
This City Design Addresses Climate Change & Pandemics
Xiong’an New Area is a new city design in China that’s being planned by the government to support five million people and do so in a way that’s sustainable and totally self-sufficient.... MORE
Top 30 Eco Architecture Trends in 2020
Top 30 Eco Architecture Trends in 2020
From Green Residential Towers to All-Timber Neighborhoods
These 2020 eco architecture trends range from green residential towers to all-timber neighborhoods. When it comes to the year’s most notable residential design projects, standouts include... MORE
Greenery-Laden Urban Footbridges
Greenery-Laden Urban Footbridges
This Bridge Envisions Orchards & Gardens For Central Paris
Paris-based Vincent Callebaut Architectures has unveiled a truly stunning vision for an urban footbridge, located in the French capital, that would use ample greenery to improve the city’s... MORE
Triple-Tier Bamboo Homes
Triple-Tier Bamboo Homes
This Indonesian Dwelling Uses Local Bamboo & Recycled Plastic Panels
The scenic locales of rural Indonesia are set to play host to a remarkable three-story bamboo home that makes use of locally derived bamboo and stone as well as recycled plastic, making for a truly... MORE
Expandable Modular Charging Stations
Expandable Modular Charging Stations
The E.ON Ultra-Fast Charging Station is Future-Focused
The prototype E.ON Ultra-Fast Charging Station has been designed by the GRAFT Design Studio to offer a more intuitive way to increase electric vehicle charging station infrastructure in a way that... MORE
Eco Solar-Powered Tiny Homes
Eco Solar-Powered Tiny Homes
The GoSun Dream Tiny House will be Available in 2021
Tiny homes are inherently associated with having a smaller carbon footprint when compared to conventional housing, but the GoSun Dream Tiny House aims to take things even further in the eco-friendly... MORE
play_circle_filled Upcycled Chopstick Modular Decor
Upcycled Chopstick Modular Decor
SMILE is a Modular Shelf Unit Made From Repurposed Chopsticks
ChopValue, the Vancouver-based upcycling furniture brand, recently launched a new product live on Kickstarter, dubbed ‘SMILE,’ a carbon negative modular shelf. Due to SMILE’s... MORE
Plant-Covered Offices
Plant-Covered Offices
Snøhetta Envisions ASI Reisen Headquarters with Contemporary Sensibilities
This strikingly contemporary plant-covered office is located in Natters, Austria. The building is intended to house the open-plan headquarters for ASI Reisen—a sustainability-minded travel company MORE
Sustainable Urban Prefab Homes
Sustainable Urban Prefab Homes
The Conceptual 'Shifting Nests' Have a Segmetned Design
The conceptual ‘Shifting Nests’ are a sustainable housing solution for Vancouver, Canada that aim to provide a low-cost option for citizens that would enable them to live comfortably in... MORE
Recycled Material Tiny Homes
Recycled Material Tiny Homes
The 'Tiny Tetra House' is Made with Recycled Tetra Cartons
The ‘Tiny Tetra House’ is a prefabricated tiny home designed by Stilt Studios as a new take on conventional architecture that aims to create a living space with recycled materials in the... MORE
play_circle_filled Electric Car Branding Announcements
Electric Car Branding Announcements
Hyundai Announced It Will Use Its Ioniq Brand for All EVs
Hyundai indicated that its Ioniq brand will be used for all of its electrically-powered cars. The automotive company allows announced three electric cars that will be released under the Ioniq brand,... MORE
play_circle_filled Ethereal Eco-Conscious Oceanic Hotels
Ethereal Eco-Conscious Oceanic Hotels
The Anthénea Floating Hotel Suite Offers Luxury Amenities
The Anthénea floating hotel suite is an ethereal accommodation for travelers seeking to enjoy time away that is luxurious, relaxing and eco-conscious. The floating suite is appointed with all the... MORE
Spiraling Greenery-Topped Homes
Spiraling Greenery-Topped Homes
The 'Spiral Garden' House Has a Nature-Conscious Design
The ‘Spiral Garden’ house has been designed by Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects & Associates on Awaji Island in Japan as an unlikely dwelling that takes the natural landscape into... MORE
3D-Printed Floating Houses
3D-Printed Floating Houses
Scoolpt's Prvok Home is Eco-Friendly and 3D-Printed on a Pontoon
Prague-based architecture studio Scoolpt has unveiled a 43-square-meter 3D-printed house called Prvok, a structure that can be built in just 48 hours and will float on water. The building process... MORE
10 Sustainable Housing Innovations
10 Sustainable Housing Innovations
From Affordable Shipping Container Homes to Eco Woodland Cabins
These sustainable housing innovations range from affordable shipping container homes to eco woodland cabins. Woonpioniers’ Indigo Cabin is a notable example that transforms the traditional... MORE